Pre-Employment Program

The goal of the CPABC’s Pre-Employment Program is to offer hard and soft skill development in both workshop and practical settings.

The program is free of charge to participants and requires a 3-4 month commitment period.

We welcome any of our members or members of the public to our workshops (subject to capacity, pre-registration necessary)

For individuals with physical disabilities looking for a little bit more, we encourage individuals to take advantage of the intensive program. This would involve attendance at all workshops plus:

  • a minimum of 30 volunteer hours completed at either the CPABC or another organization in line with the individuals interests and career goals
  • Check ins with a career counselor to provide individualized advice and guidance during the job search and skill development process

Individuals looking to be a part of the intensive program should register early!

Now accepting applications for September 2017 program!

In class workshops: 

Friday October 6th 2-5pm

Friday November 3rd 2-5pm

Friday December 1st 2-5pm

Mandatory Legal workshops:

Friday October 20th 4-6pm

Friday November 17th 4-6pm

Friday December 15th 4-6pm

Friday January 19th 4-6pm

All workshops will be held at 451-490 Granville Street

For more information, contact the program coordinator at 

Generously funded by Coast Captial Savings

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“The best part of the pre-employment program was that I finally felt like someone understood my needs and that there were other individuals going through the same challenges that I was facing. Having cerebral palsy I have learnt to overcome many challenges in my life but finding employment is still the greatest challenge that I face. The CPABC has provided me with great support as well as a sounding board with other individuals who have the same barriers that I do. The pre-employment program is a great, supportive program that has allowed me to come out of my shell, find a support network and to finally be proud to say that my cerebral palsy is just a small part of me and that employment for more achievable for me.”

– Program participant